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Xterm display immediatly dies in hpux 11.23

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Operating Systems HP-UX Xterm display immediatly dies in hpux 11.23
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Old 01-24-2018
Xterm display immediatly dies in hpux 11.23

After install of the Sept. 2010 patch set on my hpux 11.23 system, my xterm when launched, dies immediately on the client with the xserver, with a core.xterm file in root of the hpux server. This had been working before the patch install.

I tried to find xterm patches from ITRC (yes the old name), but none of those seemed to remedy the problem. I have a second 11.23 system exhibiting the same issue with the same patch bundle applied.

The xstart program that launches the xterm, is functional and operates without issue on other HPUX server versions (11.11, 11.0, 11.31, 10.2).

Yes my display is set. The x window does appear on my client, just briefly, too rapidly to see any thing in the window. The client diagnostics do not show any trouble with the startup execution.
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Old 01-24-2018

First off, I've got basically zero experience with HP-UX. But if this were Solaris or Linux, the approach I'd take would be to start xterm via a system call tracer like truss or strace. The idea would be to capture the system calls being executed by xterm and see what fails (and with any luck, why). That would then hopefully give you some pointers as to where to look for the actual underlying problem.

Some Googling seems to suggest that HP-UX's native system call tracer is called tusc. So maybe start with looking at the man page for that, and go from there. Maybe someone who has actual real-world experience with HP-UX can chime in here too and confirm if this is indeed the best approach on HP-UX, and if so advise you exactly how to use tusc (or some other HP-UX equivalent to strace or truss) to investigate your problem.

Hope this helps.

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