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Tape drive not showing in SMH

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Operating Systems HP-UX Tape drive not showing in SMH
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Tape drive not showing in SMH

We just migrated from an old PA-RISC system to a new rx2800 running 11iv3. I'm trying to get used to the System Management Homepage for general admin tasks. When attempting to do a test backup or restore, the external Ultrium tape is not shown in the device list. I'm looking under Home/System Configuration/Disks and File Systems/Backup and Recovery. Under the 'Device File' drop down list all I see are options for /dev/rtape/tape2_BEST, although the 'Device Description' field shows 'HP Ultrium 4-SCSI'. The nightly backup jobs scheduled through CRON are working, so the device drivers are installed properly. Can anyone tell me how to make the drive show up in SMH?

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I guess the Ultium 4-SCSI is shown with
ioscan -u -C tape

because it is usable.
lsdev -C tape

lists the tape driver names.
Being born on the command line, I have never worked with SMH, and don't trust it (some years ago it had an absolutely vulnerable remote-start mechanism).
Google suggests
HPE Support document - HPE Support Center
"Mozilla browser2", is it Firefox 2 ? Smilie
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Thanks for the reply. I have some less technical people that I would prefer would avoid the command line, so if I can make SMH work that would be good. These users previously worked in SAM.

Here are the results of the commands. Still need a way to make SMH pickup the proper drive.

H/W Path Class Description
0/0/0/9/0/0/ tape HP Ultrium 4-SCSI

Character Block Driver Class
14 -1 estape tape
205 -1 stape tape
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For the benefit of other users, here is what the problem was in trying to restore files from SMH. My nightly backup jobs are running fbackup. SMH uses PAX, which does not recognize the fbackup format! If I backup from SMH, I can restore from SMH. But I can't restore from a tape that was formatted by fbackup. Hope this helps.
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Did you solve your issue?

I am quite surprised to hear you tried to "restore" an fbackup tape using SMH knowing it uses PAX, which does not archive like fbackup, PAX being tar compatible, fbackup is more proprietary beeing a mix of 2 other utilities, ftio and dump, the reason was for speed as compared to tar in those days when writing on DDS ( yes 1rst gen...).
So I am interested to know how you managed as you did not give any more news...
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The problem was that I didn't 'know' that SMH uses PAX. Once I learned that I knew what the problem was. The resolution was to stop using fbackup for the nightly backup jobs and switch to PAX. Now things are working as required.
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