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Unable to write to NFS mounted directory

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Operating Systems HP-UX Unable to write to NFS mounted directory
# 1  
Unable to write to NFS mounted directory


I have exported a few nfs mounts from one server to the nfs clients.
This is my nfs server dfstab :

# cat /etc/dfs/dfstab
#       place share(1M) commands here for automatic execution
#       on entering init state 3.
#       share [-F fstype] [ -o options] [-d "<text>"] <pathname>
#       .e.g,
#       share  -F nfs  -o rw=engineering  -d "home dirs"  /home
share -F nfs -o rw=root -d "UMSCRIPTS" /UM_SCRIPTS
share -F nfs -o rw=l17cmsp01,rw=l17cmsp02,rw=l17cmsp03,rw=l17bip01,rw=l17bip02,rw=root,rw=bscs -d "bscswork_bi" /bscswork_bi
share -F nfs -o rw=l17cmsp01,rw=l17cmsp02,rw=l17cmsp03,rw=l17bip01,rw=l17bip02,rw=root,rw=bscs -d "bscswork" /bscswork


However, in the client, for eg, l17cmsp01, I am not able to write to the directory /bscswork_bi. It is already properly added to /etc/fstab.

The error is :
bscscx01.l17cmsp0> (/bscswork_bi/WORK/UMOBILE)
$ touch abc
touch: abc cannot create

How do I correct/edit this error?
# 2  
Check the access rights of the share directory on the host.

Check which user owns it.

Perhaps even, temporarily, set those rights to 777 to see if that fixes it and/or temporarily allow root access.

If it doesn't, we can look for some other reason.
# 3  
I changed the settings in /etc/dfs/dfstab of the nfs server to :

share -F nfs -o async,anon=65534 -d "bscswork_bi" /bscswork_bi

And now, I can write to that directory on the client(As user bscscx01). I also added the 'root' option as you suggested, however, I don't see any significant difference in the file created :

share -F nfs -o async,anon=65534,root=l17cmsp01 -d "bscswork_bi" /bscswork_bi

Before adding the root option on the server(above), I created a file in that directory (on the client) as user 'root', and the permission of the file was "65534:sys". After adding the root option, the permission was also the same.

How does the 'root' option in the command above help?
# 4  
The rw,root=l17cmsp01 should mean that when client 'l17cmsp01' connects they get 'root' rights on the volume thereby by-passing normal security. When I have a problem such as you described (unable to write), it's one of the things I (temporarily) try to prove that it is, indeed, some kind of access rights issue. If that doesn't allow me to write, then I look for a problem elsewhere.

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