Creating a group of users with script

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Operating Systems HP-UX Creating a group of users with script
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Creating a group of users with script


I have a file with usernames, and the comment section, e.g :

donny:Donny Lee Feo Yan; Umobile Consultant
ebfhiil:Gaurav Mehra, Ericsson GNOC
egi19762:"ANISH ANTONY, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi20330:"Gautam Harinarayanan, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi20354:"ASHIM MALGOPE, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi21634:"TIJENDRA DEVERA, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi23959:"AMIT KUMAR, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi34632:"KHUSHBOO BHATIA, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi35873:"KRATI VASHISHTHA, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi39015:"JASPREET SINGH, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi39554:"SHIVANG NAYYAR, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
egi42048:"POOJA SHARMA, MO 2nd LA, 31052016"
emansab:Manpreet singh Sabharwal MO GNOC Engineer
emoaigin:Aigini Navaneethan, Ericsson Sysadmin
emoazizu:Azizul Redzuan, Ericsson Sysadmin, 27042017
emofosee:Foo See See, Ericsson BA
emokchee:Ho Kok Chee, Ericsson MO
emomahat:Muhammad Mahathir Ismail, Ericsson Solution Architect/BA, 04042017
emovince:Vincent Wong, Ericsson Sysadmin, 07102015
etigers:Tiger Tool Monitoring User
gnocfo:GNOC common id, 12082015, Ashutosh Srivastava
hannkeat:Tan Hann Keat, Senior Engineer
lhs:Read only access for LHS support
master: MasterSAM normal ID, 22082017
msadmin:Master Security Administrator
pmuser:Automation Team user to collect KPI data, Tanuj Sood

I need to add these users into a server. Is it possible to use a script to create the users, together with the comment ?

From the commandline to add one user, the command will be :

useradd -m user -c "comment"

How do I do the same, for multiple users above, using script(automation)?
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Yes, it is possible.

The simplest way, I would say, is to use a while loop with a read, setting the field separator (IFS) to : to get each field from the file, and inside the loop run the useradd command.
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Different approach:
sed 's/^/echo useradd -m /; s/;/,/; s/:/ -c \\"/; s/$/\\"/' file

redirect into a file and run / source that, or pipe the result into a shell. Remove the echo if happy with the proposal. Unfortunately, that sole ; in the comment will spoil the shell input and thus must be removed.
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