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Unable to mount shared folder from Linux server

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Operating Systems HP-UX Unable to mount shared folder from Linux server
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I agree that a permissions error should give an immediate response but this is I.T. we're talking about. Perhaps the Suse NFS Server is bugged.

Anyway, after nearly 30 posts, what are the possible scenarios?

Can you think of any more than this?

1. The client doesn't dispatch the NFS mount command onto the network at all.
2. The client doesn't know how to reach the NFS server due to network misconfiguration.
3. The server receives the request but does not attempt to respond.
4. The server doesn't know the way back to the client due to network misconfiguration.

On the server (Suse) ....

 # rpcdebug -m nfsd all

plus possibly.....
 # rpcdebug -m rpc all

to debug the rpc protocol.

All the output will be in /var/log/messages which could get very big pretty fast. That should prove the inbound call on the server as per (3) above.

Any other ideas?

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Hi all,

I have a good news, all my servers can mount to NFS server.
I seems one of my switch blocking NFS handshake.
Thank you a lot everyone for helping me.


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