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Creating user groups that are persistent

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Operating Systems HP-UX Creating user groups that are persistent
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Old 07-12-2017
Creating user groups that are persistent


I need to modify the user 'munfai' by adding it into groups bscs, oinstall, dba.
I use this command as user root to add the user into the mentioned groups :

# usermod -G bscs,oinstall,dba munfai

I can thereafter see the id in the groups :

# id munfai
uid=258(munfai) gid=20(users) groups=106(oinstall),107(dba),108(bscs)

However, I also should be able to see these groups assigned to this user when I log into the user account 'bscs'. As root user, I su to user bscs to login to this account. However in this account, I do not see the groups listed above for user 'munfai' :

bscs.L28bi02> (/bscswork_bi2/WORK/UMOBILE)
$ id munfai
uid=258(munfai) gid=20(users)

Why is this, and how do I make the groups available for 'munfai' under the account bscs?
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Old 07-12-2017
I've read through your post several times and I think that you are confusing the group named 'bscs' with the user 'bscs' which are not the same thing. There's nothing wrong with having a group name the same as a user name but do not confuse them.

Having said that, becoming user 'bscs' is not going to help you see what groups another user is a member of. Any user does not have the rights to see what groups another user is in. Only root can do that.
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Old 07-12-2017
Thank you!

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