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Operating Systems HP-UX crash dump
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Old 05-06-2006
Question crash dump

hi friends,
i know that when there is a crash then that memory image is
put into /var/adm/crash
but if the system hangs up and if i have access to console of
that machine then how can i take the crash dump manully.

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Old 05-08-2006
If you configured a dump device, a crash restore area, and the
scope of dump with crashconf
then your machine will automatically dump a crash memory image after a panic or TOC.
If you haven't you still can either
on reboot or later after reboot.
Since the crash dump device is usually taken from the swap device
(usually lvol2 if you use LVM layout)
you only have to take care to save the crash dump back to the filesystem
before swapouts will overwrite the dump area.
lvlnboot -v vg00
will show you the dump device.
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Old 05-08-2006
I believe that the intent of question was how to induce a hung system to dump core. That TOC that buffoonix mentions is the key. It stands for "Transfer of Control". When the box is running HP-UX, the TOC routine is for coredumps. Each HP 9000 has some way to interact with the firmware from the system console to force a TOC. And a few even had a switch on the box. You need to look at the docs for your particular model to get your procedure. Or use the "model" command to find out your model, posts the results, and someone may be able to find your TOC procedure.
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