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SDLT Drivers

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Operating Systems HP-UX SDLT Drivers
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Old 05-03-2006
SDLT Drivers


I looking for the drivers for an sdlt tape drive for hp-ux 11.0. I think the drivers i need are stape and tape2 does anyone know where i can get them


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Old 05-03-2006
thats weird, all hpux 11 i've seen comes with that driver built in kernel statically maybe you need to recheck with SAM:Kernel Configuration:Drivers and enable it ... There are many doc at HP's site
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Old 05-03-2006
From sam kernel configuration>drivers it shows both stape and tape2 as out in the current state and pending state. I have highlighted stape then actions>add drivers to kernel...rebooted the system with the new kernel but when the system comes up it still reports that the driver is in the out state. Also if i do a find / -name stape -print it finds no files called stape anywhere on the system. I tried a find / -name stape -print on another companys system(with permission) and they had a number of stape files(which i cant get access to Smilie
I have read somewhere that is ther tape drive was not connnected when ux was installed it does not include the tape drivers(not sure if this is true though)

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