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Expert Recovery Shell - Fatal Error: Unrecognized disk layout

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Operating Systems HP-UX Expert Recovery Shell - Fatal Error: Unrecognized disk layout
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Old 07-16-2015
Expert Recovery Shell - Fatal Error: Unrecognized disk layout

I have a B.11.31 U ia64 system where I swremove the disk driver "SerialSCSI-00 B.11.31.1303 PCI-X/PCI-E SerialSCSI" (by mistake). afterwards the system won;t boot because of the missing disk drivers. I'm trying to recover my kernel by using the image HP-ux_11_31_disc_1.iso

Run an Expert Recovery Shell>HP-UX CORE MEDIA SYSTEM RECOVERY>Recover an unbootable HP-UX system>DEVICE FILE VERIFICATION MENU and here I have:

      INFORMATION to verify:
        Device file used for '/'(ROOT) is c8t1d0.
        The hardware path to disk is 0/2/1/

    Select one of the following:
        a.  The above information is correct.
        b.  WRONG!! The device file used for '/'(ROOT) is incorrect.

        m.  Return to the 'HP-UX Recovery MENU.'
        x.  Exit to the shell.

My root fs is on the local disks (I have 2). But no matter what hw path I choose I get this error:
Fatal Error: Unrecognized disk layout HP_DG0300FARVV.
Setting boot and root device file for c8t1d0...

and afterwards I'm given these options:

      Select one of the following:
        a.  Mount the root disk and exit to a shell only.
        b.  Recover the bootlif/os partitions.

        m.  Return to 'HP-UX Recovery Media Main Menu'.
        x.  Exit to the shell

any ideas how to overcome this "Unrecognized disk layout" error?
any ideas If can use the options displayed after the error? would "Recover the bootlif/os partitions" help?
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Old 07-18-2015
Do you have other disks inside on which you can install hpux v3 ?

If you can install on another disk, you should be able to mount the disk in question after installing the required depot drivers.

At least you will be able to access the data on them and manipulate them in certain ways.

What kind of mirror is it (controller or LVM)

It is a good practice to have ignite backups.Smilie

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