Help needed HP UX 11.11i new install on C8000 Desktop messaging system error CAN'T FIX

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Operating Systems HP-UX Help needed HP UX 11.11i new install on C8000 Desktop messaging system error CAN'T FIX
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Old 12-13-2014
Help needed HP UX 11.11i new install on C8000 Desktop messaging system error CAN'T FIX

Hi, I have a HP UX C8000 box , have installed 11.11i from 4 x cds numerous times to try to get a functioning Network or to try and get rid of this error on start up, after new install and 1st startup I get an error

"The desktop messaging system could not be started"

and then advice about pressing ok to return to login and to login in a failsafe session and then check to see /etc/hosts that the network is properly configured. I enter failsafe login and run SAM and configure network and checked that Mozilla can access internet , it can, (although it keeps crashing and exits , it still can load webpages ok before crashing) but I cannot , for the life of me , work out how to configure desktop messaging system so that I can login to a normal (non failsafe) session, on searching for a solution

I found advice to try cp nsswitch.files nsswitch.conf I do this, and it fixes the error and I don't get the error on logging in BUT I then cannot access the internet , I can't work out how to remove this error AND retain internet access, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanx
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Old 12-14-2014
If you have /etc/resolve.conf then edit /etc/nsswitch.conf and append dns to the hosts: files.
Then for a host resolution the system will first consider the file /etc/hosts then ask the DNS server in /etc/resolve.conf.
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Old 12-15-2014
have done a fresh install to clear all things I've changed and reset all defaults, back to having mozilla working ok to surf net, but the /etc/resolve.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf files have [new file] displayed when I try to edit them. Desktop messaging system error still there and does not allow me to do anything one the CDE desktop appears ( has a black circle with a line through it when I move onto anything to adjust or change window size etc or open anything)
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Old 12-26-2014
anyone have any advice? have spent hours and hours trying to get this sorted, just can't seem to get the system to a point where I can access the internet with a browser, log in (apart from failsafe mode) to the desktop without the desktop messaging system error coming up and have now noticed I can't use swinstall either, almost ready to give up on this system , even after doing multiple fresh installs and trying all types of settings and dns settings and network settings it still refuses to be a usable system, surely after you do a fresh os install you must be able to get to the desktop? no? without modifying settings? at a point where I don't know what to do next or check next, every piece of advice i find seems to be totally different and still does not fix the fault and sometimes makes it worse and sometimes refers to modifying files that i don't even have on this system, am i doing something fundamentally wrong with network settings? are there things you need to set up before the system is bootable , apart from the network settings entered during installation process? has anyone here installed hp ux 11.11 v1 on a C8000 and got it to work "out of the box", what settings did you use for networks ?
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Old 12-26-2014
Well we have no idea what you modified, what you installed or configured, so it will be very difficult to help you...
When in trouble, you should always try to get a sane minimalist system up, then add till an issue appears and correct it before to proceed...
In your case I dont if you are talking of graphics or GUI issue (X11) or network, evenmore if the system works as a standalone...
When you modified config files what did you use to edit?
When the system boots, have you been looking at the display, is all init stuff successful?
If you have set DHCP, try to give your box a fix address and correctly give netmask...
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Old 12-26-2014
Thanks for your reply
ok have just finished installing os on my other C8000, minimal hardware, DID NOT select DCHP option for network, manually entered ip address for machine as, gateway as which is the value I use for the ethernet to wifi adapter that I have set up previously to connect to wifi on ethernet hardware I own ( this is the value I use on my SGI Octane when using this adaptor) it boots into the CDE Desktop and I can operate everything fine (prev. if I select DCHP , network settings get assigned and I get an error about desktop messaging system and I cannot log in in anything but failsafe mode) however if I start up mozilla , it cannot find any pages, keeps saying good web address cannot be found , please check and try again. on the other computer , after fiddling with network settings, I could get mozilla to load pages BUT it would then come up with desktop messaging system error and I would have to log back in in failsafe mode and could run mozilla ok but obviously could not get to a standard CDE session. In summary CAN EITHER HAVE A STANDARD CDE LOGIN WITH NO ERROR ABOUT MESSAGING SYSTEM BUT NO INTERNET RUNNING MOZILLA.............OR .............. ONLY A FAILSAFE LOGIN BECAUSE OF DESKTOP MESSAGING ERROR HOWEVER MOZILLA DOES INFACT WORK. BUT........... NOT BOTH WORKING AT SAME TIME.
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Old 12-26-2014
Anything in /etc/resolv.conf?
(not resolve.conf)
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