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Network Connectivity Issues


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Old Unix and Linux 08-11-2014   -   Original Discussion by kevinlord190
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Network Connectivity Issues

Newbie with UNIX here.

Currently troubleshooting a UNIX terminal we have.
I determined it to be bad and swapped it out with a known good terminal. I went in and changed the IP address and host name to reflect the old terminal. Although now there is no connectivity.

I swapped out the NIC with 6 different ones (at least 3 were known good) and still nothing. The fibers give me the good ole happy blinky lights.

What else can I try.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I apologize I am brand brand new to working with UNIX.
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Old Unix and Linux 08-11-2014   -   Original Discussion by kevinlord190
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With a "UNIX terminal" do you mean a real, physical serial console or a telnet/ssh emulator on a desktop? I'm not clear. It might be that you have a console server that you can telnet to that connects you to the serial console.

You might need to tell us what you are using. Be very specific too, although we won't need the unique serial numbers.

Do you mean that you changed the server IP address? As you can see, I'm rather confused. Linux

Thanks, in advance,
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