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Core file under /tmp


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Old Unix and Linux 04-23-2014   -   Original Discussion by newtoaixos
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Core file under /tmp

Hi Guys

Recently we have a issue where the core file under /tmp grows and there by /tmp becomes 100% full in our HP unix server.

Any ideas or suggestions about how we can resolve this.
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Old Unix and Linux 04-23-2014   -   Original Discussion by newtoaixos
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Find out why there are core dumps in /tmp. Consider enlarging the /tmp filesystem if you need to debug those core dumps..
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Old Unix and Linux 04-23-2014   -   Original Discussion by newtoaixos
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If you know the crashing program, and you do not want to send its core file to the application vendor, then you can limit or disable core dump size in the environment, e.g. in a start shell:

ulimit -c 2048 # limit core dump size to 1MB, enough for "file"
exec /path/to/the/real/program "$@"

The real program inherits the limit set by the start shell.
Old Unix and Linux 06-03-2014   -   Original Discussion by newtoaixos
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I suggest you take a look to coreadm command

With that command I centralice all cores into a single filesystem /var/adm/crash that if it becomes full it has no impact Linux

I hope it helps
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