HP-UX: Shell Script giving " 0^J30: Syntax error"

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Operating Systems HP-UX HP-UX: Shell Script giving " 0^J30: Syntax error"
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Old 03-09-2014
A better approach would be to use a while read loop instead:
while read queue size
done < $configfile

Instead of
for queue in `cat ${configfile}|cut -d ' ' -f1`
  size=`cat ${configfile}|grep "$queue"|cut -d " " -f2`

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Old 03-09-2014
Thanks for suggestion on using 'WHILE' loop with 'READ'.
Will try to use this in the script.
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Old 03-10-2014
Another tip:
size=`awk '$1==q {print $2; exit}' q="$queue" ${configfile}`

compares exactly the first column, and returns after the first match, so is more robust than
size=`grep -w "$queue" ${configfile} | cut -d " " -f2`

In contrast to grep it does not use regular expressions e.g. "tellabs[78]100" won't match.
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