LVM: is possible to replace a disk?

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Operating Systems HP-UX LVM: is possible to replace a disk?
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Old 02-01-2014
[Solved] LVM: is possible to replace a disk?

VG00 lvm,not mirrored,2 disk of 36GB vg size
VG00 size is under 30G.
Is possible to remove a disk of 36GB and replace "on fly"
with a disk of 300GB on VG00?
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Old 02-01-2014
Since you didn't give the OS version I would say no… but not quite…
if all can be brought back to one disk, then you could vgreduce, add the new disk,vgextend etc… but you will get caught by max PP per pv… I know there was no (official) solution under 11.11 but if you knew well HP support team you could have got vgmodify command but its was still limited, thoughI did this a few times I never went on add something more than 3-4 times the original size, it was mostly replacing in L classes the 18GB by 36 GB disks… now I know the command was included in later release but which? I don't remember sit sure 11.31 has it
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Old 02-02-2014
@vbe, it would also depend on the physical extent size of the volume group, no? Maybe the VG was not created with the default. When I was working with HPUX, we used a PE size of 64 MiB instead of the default 4 MiB for that reason. He could check with vgdisplay -v first and then see how many PE's would be allowed on the new disk..

Instead of vgreduce and then vgextend with new disk, couldn't he pvcreate the new volume, vgextend the VG with the new disk and pvmove the logical volumes to the new disk and then when that is done vgreduce the old disks and finally pvremove the physical volumes off the old disks?
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Old 02-02-2014
Quite right scrutinizer, I did that once also, but since it vg00, unless you have installed the system yourself and got caught once with the default values, and know what they are and so straightway proactively change the value to at least the triple of default value you are going to be stuck… I will look in my internal HP notes what were the limitations of vgmodify ( because at the time there were something…)
Wonder if HP has changed their policy about the question (why a default that will poison your life in the near future?) because on IBM its less restrictive it seems
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Old 02-03-2014
Answer to "on the fly" is NO
Since its vg00... In my notes I found:
for what I used at the time in 11.11 (vgmodify 1.30 )
The boot/root volume group can only be modified by booting in maintenance mode - see hpux(1M).
The man pages of 11.31 says the same...
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Old 02-05-2014
I will try next days on a vm
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Old 02-11-2014
On VM works fine on the fly
i did
A)check if disk is used by any volume,if yes backup lvm
and then remove it with lvremove
B)remove the disk with vgreduce
C)add the new disk with vgextend
All ok
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