List of installed application on HP-UX

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Operating Systems HP-UX List of installed application on HP-UX
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Old 01-21-2014
List of installed application on HP-UX

Hi All,

I am trying to list down all the installed application/packages on hp-ux machine in below format :

packagename:<application/package name> ; <application/package version> ; <application/package vendor>

can someone suggest with small script for this.Will

command give desired output..
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Old 01-21-2014
The easiest for you will be to use print_manifest... Send its output to a file and extract the required information, that will be after HW configuration:
Installed Software

    Your system was installed with HP-UX version B.11.11.

    Your system has the following software products installed and 
    configured on the system disk drive(s).  

    Product          Revision          Description                             
    B2491BA          B.11.11           MirrorDisk/UX                           
    B3835DA          C.01.08.2         HP Process Resource Manager             
    B3901BA          B.11.11.02        HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11.00 (S800) 
    B3929CA          B.     HP OnLineJFS                            
    B5725AA          B.4.4.30          HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX) 
    B6192AA          B.11.11.10        DCE/9000 Programming & Administration Tools Media and Manua
    B8724AA          A.01.06           CIFS/9000 Client                        

This User Gave Thanks to vbe For This Post:
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Old 01-21-2014
With a little postprocessing:
/usr/sbin/swlist -v | awk '
$1=="vendor" {v=1}
$1=="tag" && v==1 {vendor=$2; v=0}
$1=="end" {v=0}
$1=="bundle" || $1=="product" {p=1;v=0}
$1=="tag" && p==1 {product=$2}
$1=="revision" && p==1 {revision=$2}
NF==0 && (v==1 || p==1) {print "packagename:",product,";",revision,";",vendor; v=p=0; product=revision=vendor=""}

Example output:
packagename: B4967AA ; C.04.70.000 ; HP
packagename: B6848BA ; ; HP
packagename: B6849AA ; B.02.01.02 ; HP
packagename: B6960MA ; A.06.11 ; HP
packagename: B8465BA ; A.02.00.07 ; HP
packagename: B8725AA ; A.03.01.01 ; HP
packagename: B9073BA ; B. ; HP
packagename: B9788AA ; ; HP
packagename: B9789AA ; ; HP
packagename: B9901AA ; A. ; HP
packagename: BUNDLE11i ; B.11.23.0409.3 ; HP
packagename: B_ERM3_CLIENT_11 ; A.03.10.09 ;
packagename: Base-VXVM ; B.03.50.IA.014 ; HP
packagename: CDE-English ; B.11.23.0409 ; HP
packagename: FDDI-00 ; B.11.23.01 ; HP
packagename: FEATURE11i ; B.11.23.0505.022e ; HP
packagename: FibrChanl-00 ; B.11.23.03 ; HP
packagename: FibrChanl-01 ; B.11.23.03 ; HP
packagename: GigEther-00 ; B.11.23.05 ; HP
packagename: GigEther-01 ; B.11.23.0505 ; HP
packagename: HPUX11i-OE-Ent ; B.11.23.0505 ; HP
packagename: HPUXBaseAux ; B.11.23.0505 ; HP
packagename: HPUXBaseOS ; B.11.23 ; HP
packagename: HWEnable11i ; B.11.23.0505.022b ; HP
packagename: IEther-00 ; B.11.23.0505 ; HP
packagename: ISEEPlatform ; A.03.50.873 ; HP
packagename: J4269AA ; B.05.01 ; HP
packagename: ; ;
packagename: Judy ; B. ; HP
packagename: KRB5CLIENT ; D. ; HP
packagename: MOZILLA ; ; HP
packagename: MOZILLAsrc ; ; HP
packagename: MySQL ; 3.23.54a.01 ; HP
packagename: NPar ; B. ; HP
packagename: OnlineDiag ; B. ; HP
packagename: OpenSSL ; A.00.09.07e.013 ; HP
packagename: ParMgr ; B. ; HP
packagename: QPKAPPS ; B.11.23.0505.022 ; HP
packagename: QPKBASE ; B.11.23.0505.022 ; HP
packagename: RAID-01 ; B.11.23.03 ; HP
packagename: Sec00Tools ; B.01.02.00 ; HP
packagename: SecPatchCk ; B.02.02 ; HP
packagename: SysMgmtWeb ; A. ; HP
packagename: T1456AA ; ; HP
packagename: T1456AAaddon ; ; HP
packagename: T1457AA ; ; HP
packagename: T1457AAaddon ; ; HP
packagename: T1471AA ; A.05.00.013 ; HP
packagename: T2743AA ; A.01.01.01 ; HP
packagename: USB-00 ; C.01.00.00 ; HP
packagename: ; ;
packagename: WBEMP-LAN-00 ; B.11.23.01 ; HP
packagename: hpuxwsApache ; B. ; HP
packagename: hpuxwsTomcat ; B. ; HP
packagename: hpuxwsWebmin ; A.1.070.03 ; HP
packagename: hpuxwsXml ; A.2.00 ; HP
packagename: ixSudo ; A.06.00-1.6.8p12.001 ; HP
packagename: perl ; D.5.8.2.F ; HP
packagename: scsiU320-00 ; B.11.23.02 ; HP
packagename: vparprovider ; B. ; HP
packagename: Centennial ; 1 ;
packagename: HPOvAcc ; 2.00.000 ; HP
packagename: HPOvAcc ; 3.00.000 ; HP
packagename: HPOvAgtExt ; 2.20.000 ; HP
packagename: HPOvEa ; 1.00.000 ; HP
packagename: HPOvLcore ; 6.20.000 ; HP
packagename: HPOvPerf ; 5.00.050 ; HP
packagename: OSIT-CORE-UX ; A.02.310 ;
packagename: OSIT-GII-ESAR-UX ; A.03.01 ;
packagename: PHCO_36808 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHKL_33312 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHNE_31118 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHNE_32606 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHNE_32866 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHNE_34030 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHSS_32101 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHSS_41167 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHSS_41460 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHSS_41955 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: PHSS_41961 ; 1.0 ; HP
packagename: bash ; 3.00.16 ;
packagename: gettext ; 0.14.5 ;
packagename: libiconv ; 1.11 ;
packagename: quest-openssh ; 5.2p1q17 ; Quest
packagename: quest-sudo ; 1.6.8p12q93 ; Quest
packagename: rc_toolpfs1123 ; 1.0 ;
packagename: tcsh ; 6.14.00 ;
packagename: termcap ; 1.3.1 ;
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Old 01-23-2014
MadeInGermany ..thank you verry much for the script....for me you are god..Smilie

i am new to this awk and scripting it will be very helpfull if you can describe me your script.
thanks again..
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Old 01-23-2014
Smilie I hope not.
/usr/sbin/swlist -v

dumps a long list of all details, the awk tries to filter for the relevant details.
The awk script is a series of
condition {action}

and is equivalent to
{if (condition) {action}}

The awk script runs for each input line.
Certain states (1 or 0) are stored in variables, to be queried later.

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