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cannot login after changing login shell

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Operating Systems HP-UX cannot login after changing login shell
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Data cannot login after changing login shell

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie in unix. I was practicing shell scripts on hp unix machine.

I changed my current login shell (Korn) to Bourne shell giving the following command.

$ chsh username /usr/bash

I am using secure shell client for accessing the hp ux server.

After which i disconnected from the server. Now problem is when i am trying to login again to the hp ux machine it's not accepting the password.

i guess i am in trouble and pls help me to find solution to it.

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is it /bin/bash or /usr/bin/bash ?
Ask the sysadmin to correct the shell or reset password
# 3  

sorry is /usr/bin/bash

is thr anyother way other than contacting the system admin to resolve this issue.
# 4  
I dont think so. You would have to run chsh again to change your shell, and you cannot do that as you cant login - because your shell is non existent. Your admin would have to fix this for you.
# 5  
Thanks the issue got resolved.

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