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HPUX 11.23 - Sam and Smh.


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Old Unix and Linux 10-08-2012
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HPUX 11.23 - Sam and Smh.

I've just been on an HP Training Course for HPUXv11.31 and found out about the gui / web for SMH. I never did a course on HP11v23. On our two servers here in the UK that run 11.23 I'm pretty sure that when I typed in "sam" on the command line it went to a sort of smh. (There was a message saying something like "sam isn't used anymore - taking you to smh") and then smh on the tui had letter options you could type rather than scrolling down to the option you wanted (i.e. HPUX11.11).

However since I started using the smh gui on the two servers after the course when you type in sam on the command line it now takes you to tui sam and not to any kind of tui smh!

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Old Unix and Linux 01-17-2013
mauregato's Unix or Linux Image
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Hello, is the same tool, whit the only diferent, is that smh is accesible througth web too.

best regards.
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Old Unix and Linux 02-20-2013
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there's really no reason to use sam or smh for anything. you have all of the same functionality from the command line.

using the individual commands, you can also grant regular users the ability to perform specific privileged tasks (via sudo), rather than giving them the keys to the castle (smh).

we have around 30 hp-ux 11.31 servers, i don't use the tui smh for anything at all, and i have the web gui smh stopped and disabled.
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