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How to clone a 382-workstations hdd?

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Operating Systems HP-UX How to clone a 382-workstations hdd?
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Old 09-13-2012
How to clone a 382-workstations hdd?

Hi there,

I got a pretty old HP 382 workstation, and the hdd is pretty LOUD ... Smilie
So I thought I clone it to an much quiter one.

I tried this:
- removed the loud hdd
- connected it to an system running knoppix 7.0.4 (hdd is recognized with UFS filesystem; Clonezilla couldn't handle the disk)
- run 'dd if=/dev/sda of=/srv/images/382.img conv=noerrors,sync'
- rebooted that knoppix system
- connected the quiter disk
- run 'dd if=/srv/images/382.img of=/dev/sda'
- changed SCSI-ID to the one the louder disk has
- build-in the quiter disk to the 382
- switch-on 382

It stops in second boot procedure with a swap-error-message, saying swapconf should be run ... but how do I do this?
And how to clone such an disk?

Thanks in advance!

ps: my english is not that good, sorry for that

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Old 09-14-2012
But what OS are you running?
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Old 09-14-2012
uname -a shows:
HP-UX beta B.09.00 A 9000/382 ...
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Old 09-14-2012
I wonder if it is not a question of driver... or firmware that needs to be updated... I dont remember how it was done ( I turned off my 712 in 94 and my 715 in 96...) I did uprade one so it recognized 2GB disks... You should see ( I will try on my side also...) if you know someone at HP that still has the firmware and software because unless its shellscripts like /etc/disktab I doubt the binaries are compatible ( I may still have 9.00 9.05, and perhaps 9.07 tapes..) because you have a motorola processor (serie 300...)
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Old 09-14-2012
Second thought: Are the disks the same type? ( I doubt identical since you say "faster"...). since I have no clear idea where you are in your boot process but you seem to be in almost last part of booting process, the message has certain familiarities with kernel panic on other systems...One thing I am sure of is HP-UX kernel will panic if it cant configure primary swap space ( but to me that means it has managed to find and load the kernel from disk...) ... but last time I had to face that was with an old 822 (yes HPUX9.00) and had to enter hpux boot with -aS <device> ( I think...) if you have you HP-UX reference manual, have a look because that is all I can remember
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Old 09-14-2012
You can also try to make a recovery archive on a DAT or a external disk using mkrs and boot from that to reinstall, or try to attach the disk as secondary, boot from the old and attempt to make it bootable using mkboot (/etc/boot has to be copied in the proper boot area...) If you know what disk you are trying to replace, try to look in /etc/disktab if you can find it, if not, try to add a new entry VERY CAREFULLY by following the instruction contained in the file...
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Old 09-15-2012
I don't have any documents, just that machine, and I'd like to keep it running on original state (keep the HP C2235 hdd), but I also would like to have less noise when running it. So my idea was to replace the C2235 with an "newer" hdd (I think its a 4gb IBM one).
You think it might be a firmware-prob due to disk size? uhhh ... I thought 4gb shouldn't be a problem ... but you're right, it might be a 2gb barrier.

Do you remember how to boot to single-user-moe directly when switching-on the machine? Till now I did it that by executing 'init 1' from terminal application within cde ... which is not best choice.

Thanks a lot for your time! Smilie

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