memory consumption over a time period

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Operating Systems HP-UX memory consumption over a time period
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memory consumption over a time period


Can some one please tell me how do I generate a report of the Memory Consumption over a time period:

HP-UX B.11.31 U ia64 0440531406 unlimited-user license

I normally use glance to monitor memory in run time.

Note: I do not have root privileges.



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I am mostly interested in the cumulative section of the memory report, like free memory, user memory as I have to present this report to higher management.

Thanks again
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Difficult to advise, and not being able to be root doesnt help either...( but can do without...). There are many vendor software for that purpose, and there are some open source stuff, you could use top and vmstat commands.
Now ps has maybe good options you should look at using the UNIX95= ps -efo vsz,ruser ... syntax
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UNIX95= ps -efo vsz,ruser ... does give me the memory snapshot but of individual processes and that too at that particular time. I don't of any other way that ps might help.

top and vmstat just seem more confusing. sorry for that as I don't have much knowledge of the technical stuff in there
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So just use glance then... (I have no time to write the scripts for you at the moment...)
Make a memory report every 30 second during the next 5 minutes (=10 iterations) save in the file called
 glance -f -m -j30 -iterations 10

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See if your Systems Administrator has installed sar and the associated data collection and reporting crons (man sadc). The default daily report includes memory usage and a lot more, but it would be better to make your own custom report which contains just what you need (for example sar -f /usr/adm/sa/sa?? where ?? is the day of the month). Not sure if you would need root access to run your own reports.

The main issue with historical reporting as distinct from dynamic monitoring is that you must have an automated background process to save the data. If not, your whole life will get taken up with running monitor processes.

Wherever possible I prefer to automate any management reporting and then email the report direct from the server. The management like to read short summary reports which clearly state that the system has no problems, or clearly state that the system needs upgrade or replacement.
If you need a fine-detail report for you own purposes, then send it to yourself or your team.

Sometimes you have to plot graphs in Excel and this means taking some serious time to develop scripts which produce data files which require the absolute minimum of effort to plot the data in Excel. To this end I use ftp to deposit the data on a Microsoft Server and have a ready-prepared Excel spreadsheet to plot the graph.
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Sorry everyone. I was really sick so I couldn't say thank you to you all. I didn't get time to try the above suggestions. Once done, I will get back to you with the quires.
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