how to mount a file system from a solaris server into an hp-ux system

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Operating Systems HP-UX how to mount a file system from a solaris server into an hp-ux system
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Old 08-01-2012
how to mount a file system from a solaris server into an hp-ux system

Hi all

I wonder if its possible to mount on a hp-ux server a file system that was previously mounted on a solaris 10 server. The LUN is on NetApp stoarge.
The problem on hp-ux I cannot do pvcreate on the lun (disk) because contains data.
Any help will be appreciated

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Old 08-02-2012
Only possiblity is if you are using VxVM on both HPUX and Solaris, and you have apropriate license for such actions (endian conversion if needed and such).

Other then that, i do not know any other way and i have never tried stated above.

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Old 08-03-2012
Please post what precise Operating System and version you are running on both computers.

Please post the exact mount details of the ex-Solaris filesystem from when it was on the Solaris box, the size of the filesystem and the number of files.

The chances are that this task is impossible by direct means.

" Previously mounted" suggests that the Solaris box does not exist any more and therefore cannot be configured to do a backup to a mutually-acceptable common format on an external medium.

There is nowhere near enoiugh information in your post to make a judgement.
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