HP-UX system crash help please!!!

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Operating Systems HP-UX HP-UX system crash help please!!!
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HP-UX system crash help please!!!


First of all, thanks for your help. I have downloaded freeBSD to study unix

I'm here again 'cause my HP-UX 10.x has "broken". It raise this error:

Diagnostic System warning:

= 0x1f005000 is POWERFAILED The diagnostic logging facility has started receiving excessive errors from the I/O subsystem. I/O error entries will be lost until the cause of the I/O logging is corrected.

If the DEMLOG daemon is not active, use the DIAGSYSTEM command in SYSDIAG to start it.

If the DEMLOG is not active, use the DIAGSYSTEM command in SYSDIAG to start it.

If the DEMLOG daemon is active, use the LOGTOOL utility in SYSDIAG to determine which I/O subsystem is logging excessive errors.

Then after few minutes the system shows the message:

(in dcheckrc)# <----here it show a prompter
but how can I loggin as root?

What happens with my system?
How can I repair these errors?
Is it possible to check the hdd 'cause I think that the hdd has bad sectors.

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The diagnostic subsystem will do when when errors occur faster than they can be logged to disk. It might even be that the disk that are normally wriiten to is now dead. You seem to have a bad disk in case that wasn't obvious. Replace the disk and reload any missing data from backups.

Your specific questions:

You can't login. But you have a shell running as root. Just type commands. You could try "fsck -y" and see what happens. But a dead disk drive can not be repaired by typing commands.
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