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SFU and NFS issues

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Operating Systems HP-UX SFU and NFS issues
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SFU and NFS issues

Hi, I support a small lab of older HP UX 9 and 10 boxes. We have some older NT 4.0 machines at each UX box, with a old ZFS Server programs hosting two mounted directories. (Each UX and NT machine is on its own private network via crossover cable). Due to hardware failure/support EOL on NT, I have been trying to setup a XP box with SFU 3.5 (limited to XP due to another piece of software we use, anyways,) but keep hitting a permissions error.

PC has one user account ut16 with full rights to both shares. (No password)
User mapping is setup so the ut16 account is tied to the ut16 account on the unix box. (Again, no password)
I am using the passwd and group files from the UX box (pulled off via kermit).

I have also created a group ikd1 on the XP box and added the ut16 user and mapped it to the same group on the UX box.

Now here is what is confusing me. I can mount the shares logged in as root with no problems. However when I change to ut16, I can not list the directory or create new files/directories.
#su ut16
# cd /nfs
# ls -l
-rw-rw-rw- 1 kd1  ikd1  139320 Nov 26 2001 Programs
drwxrwxrwx 2 ut16  65534  64  Dec 8 2011 Results

#cd Results
# ls
. not found

Logged back in as root:
# mkdir test
# ls
# ls -l
total 2
drwxrwxrwx   2  root    65534      64 Dec 8 2011 test

I realize this is a permissions error, but I am confused beyond any documentation I can find. I followed this guide:
techietips. net /networking/create-an-nfs-share-with-microsoft-services-for-uni-15.html
But even then, I get the same errors.

You will have to excuse my limited knowledge as before this I have done mostly Windows AD, but recently have switched to Mac/Solaris 11. Thank you!

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I am not sure you posted in the correct forum here for You are discussing about ms SFU configuration tools which are not unix but NT...
That said I will leave the post here to see if it inspires anybody and at your demand move it to more adequate sub-forum...
Is there any reason why you use the NT boxes as NFS servers? rather than the other way round?
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The SUA Community is probably the best place to ask for help about SFU 3.5. Rodney Ruddock, one of the original developers of Interix/SFU, is the administrator of the site.
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Thanks for the point in the right direction. I had read on the SUA Community briefly when first starting to diagnose the issue, but forgotten about it.

I have inherited this mess from a dozen "IT" guys before me. Why it is setup like this, I am really not sure. I would have either a central NFS box and just map everything to their own drives, or make the UX boxes the NFS server and run the Windows box as the host. I do know why it has been left this way, we have macros which reference these mapped file paths, allowing the same macro to work on every machine (since they are identical.) If I change the setup, thousands of macros would need to be eddited.

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