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Performance issue with 'grep' command for huge file size

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Operating Systems HP-UX Performance issue with 'grep' command for huge file size
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Old 11-17-2011
Performance issue with 'grep' command for huge file size

I have 2 files; one file (say, details.txt) contains the details of employees and another file (say, emp.txt) has some selected employee names. I am extracting employee details from details.txt by using emp.txt and the corresponding code is:
while read line
emp_name=`echo $line`
grep -e $emp_name details.txt >> output.txt
done < emp.txt

Above code is working fine and I am getting expected result. But, this code is taking too much time (I don't have exact time, more than 6 hrs, later on cancelled the script) while the file size is huge. As an example, I have details.txt of around 2.5GB and record count is around 7.5lacs and the emp.txt has 55K employee name. Can you please suggest any other option/ command which will be better to handle such huge file. Thanks.

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Old 11-17-2011
could you show snippets of both files? (using code tags)
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Old 11-17-2011
What's your region set to? GNU grep has to do a lot more work for UTF8 than C.

emp_name=`echo $line`

I'm trying to understand the purpose of this line... Flattening whitespace?
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Old 11-17-2011
Don't use a loop to get this done, your processing the 2.5GB details.txt file for each name in emp.txt. So if you had 2 names in emp.txt your processing 5GB of detail.txt. 10 names = 25GB. It doesn't scale well that way.

Try this:

grep -F -f emp.txt details.txt

Then you are only processing details.txt once, and of course however big emp.txt is.

Using -F might also save some time. If you don't have the '-F' option look for 'fgrep'.
But being on HP-UX the standard 'grep' should have the -F option available.

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Old 11-17-2011
Thank you all for your quick response !! Thanks a lot rwuertn; '-F' option is working and I am able to extract the required data within less time period.

However, the files are like:

HDR|Prakash D
DTL|Prakash|EMP0000010|Sr Associate|FL
HDR|Kevin T
HDR|John M

Thanks again Smilie

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Old 11-18-2011
What was the time savings?

Also, you said,
However, the files are like:
And proceeded to show your input files.

Was there a question there that you wanted to ask?

Is it working as you'd expect it to?
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Old 11-21-2011
Nope, I do not have any further query right now. I did mention the file details as someone else was looking for the file structure.

Thanks rwuerth for your suggesstion. It is working fine. I would let you know about the saving by couple of days as full volume testing is yet pending.

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