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install arabic lang

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Operating Systems HP-UX install arabic lang
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Old 10-29-2011
install arabic lang

how to install arabic language and set it as default in hpux.
also there is any website provide vm for hpunix for testing.
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Old 10-29-2011
First you need to check the following
1- Check the locale that installed on the system.
$locale -a

$/usr/sbin/swlist -l fileset International

 $swlist -l product | grep -i Inter

If it was not installed, you can install it from the HP-UX Core media via swinstall.

Once the language has been installed, then you can proceed to set the LANG environment variable for the user requiring the Arabic character support.
Have look a here.
For Arabic (Saudi Arabia), as an example use any of the following:
1) ar_SA.arabic8
2) ar_SA.iso88596
3) ar_SA.utf8

For example, if you are using ar_SA.arabic8, then:

Set for .dtprofile or .profile :

export LANG=ar_SA.arabic8

Set for .cshrc or .login,

setenv LANG ar_SA.arabic8

For further information, look at the document "Configuring HP-UX for Different Languages" at:

For the other part of the question
also there is any website provide vm for hpunix for testing.
If you mean some site to give shell there are such sites such as
If you mean some VM to run on some x86 or x64 VM Player , I believe this is not possible HP-UX runs only on IA64 or PA-RISC architectures only .

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Old 10-30-2011
thanx for your fast respond i will try it and let you know

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kindly check ur private msg in fourm

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