How to disable LDAP

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Operating Systems HP-UX How to disable LDAP
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Old 09-19-2011
How to disable LDAP

I am having a problem adding groups to a HPUX system. Can anyone tell me how to disable LDAP on a HPUX box?


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AFP_LDAP.CONF(5)						   Netatalk 2.2 						  AFP_LDAP.CONF(5)

afp_ldap.conf - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to configure a LDAP connection to an LDAP server. That is needed for ACL support in order to be able to query LDAP for UUIDs. DESCRIPTION
/etc/netatalk/afp_ldap.conf is the configuration file used by afpd to set up an LDAP connection to an LDAP server. Any line not prefixed with # is interpreted. Note You can use afpldaptest(1) to syntactically check your config The required parameters and their meanings are: PARAMETER
ldap_server Name or IP address of your LDAP Server ldap_auth_method Authentication method: none | simple | sasl none anonymous LDAP bind simple simple LDAP bind sasl SASL. Not yet supported ! ldap_auth_dn Distinguished Name of the user for simple bind. ldap_auth_pw Distinguished Name of the user for simple bind. ldap_userbase DN of the user container in LDAP. ldap_userscope Search scope for user search: base | one | sub ldap_groupbase DN of the group container in LDAP. ldap_groupscope Search scope for user search: base | one | sub ldap_uuuid_attr Name of the LDAP attribute with the UUIDs. Note: this is used both for users and groups. ldap_name_attr Name of the LDAP attribute with the users short name. ldap_group_attr Name of the LDAP attribute with the groups short name. EXAMPLES
Example. afp_ldap.conf setup with simple bind ldap_server = localhost ldap_auth_method = simple ldap_auth_dn = cn=admin,dc=domain,dc=org ldap_auth_pw = notthisone ldap_userbase = ou=users,dc=domain,dc=org ldap_userscope = one ldap_groupbase = ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=org ldap_groupscope = one ldap_uuid_attr = some_attribute ldap_name_attr = cn ldap_group_attr = cn SEE ALSO
afpd(8), AppleVolumes.default(5), afpldaptest(1) Netatalk 2.2 30 Mar 2011 AFP_LDAP.CONF(5)