Change librairie MSL - fcmsutil older WWN

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Operating Systems HP-UX Change librairie MSL - fcmsutil older WWN
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Old 07-26-2011
Change librairie MSL - fcmsutil older WWN


I have 3 servers with HP-UX 11v2.
After a change of librairie MSL, the autoch and the driver are in NO_HW on 2 servers.
The "fcmsutil / dev / fcdx get remote" command sends back the older WWN.
On switch FC, the WWN is indeed the new and the zoning is correct.
On the 1st server the new WWN were directly detected by fcmsutil and the devices are CLAIMED.
I made a "rmsf -H" of the autoch and of tape and an "insf -e".
Devices is not created.

The older on 2 servers
$fcmsutil /dev/fcd1 get remote all

                    Target N_Port_id is = 0x160000
                           Target state = DSM_UNOPENED
                          Symbolic Name = HP Ultrium 4 Fibre Channel S/N-HU18524JB9 Port-0
                              Port Type = N_PORT
                          FCP-2 Support = YES
            Target Port World Wide Name = 0x500110a000933a42
            Target Node World Wide Name = 0x500110a000933a41

$fcmsutil /dev/fcd0 echo 0x150000
ERROR: Device with nport_id 0x150000 not found.

The new on the 1st server
$fcmsutil /dev/td3 get remote all

                    Target N_Port_id is = 0x160000
                           Target state = DVS_READY
                          Symbolic Name = HP Ultrium 4 Fibre Channel S/N-HU18524JB9 Port-0
                              Port Type = N_PORT
   SLER Capable (supports Retry) = YES
            Target Port World Wide Name = 0x500110a0008e9d5a
            Target Node World Wide Name = 0x500110a0008e9d59


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Old 08-16-2011
Hi Trunk,

First, it should not be showing up NO_HW. If it does, it means there are issues. After the change, did we re-scan the HBA's?

Are they fine in #ioscan?
Till they are showing up claimed with appropriate device files, its not going to work. DSM_UNOPENED says its not working as well.

What type of storage model is it?
Please try to run statistics/diagnostics of the HBA in question.
Are you unable to see the devices presented to this host through this HBA? (I think you cannot, but, please confirm)
Finally, there are some cases we might need to spend a reboot as cost, have we tried rebooting the host?

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Old 08-16-2011
Thanks DustBunny,

The problem is resolved. I simply made:

$fcmsutil /dev/fcd1 replace_dsk 0x160000

=> The WWN 0x000000000000
$ioscan -fn

=> The WWN 0x500110a0008e9d5a

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Old 08-16-2011
Perfect, thanks Trunk for sharing! Smilie

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