What is this error? 443?

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Operating Systems HP-UX What is this error? 443?
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Old 07-13-2011
Data What is this error? 443?

[root@plbp1s root]# cat /var/log/messages | egrep -i "error|warn|critical|panic|exceed|alert|down|up"
Jul 10 09:30:06 plbp1s nanny[25466]: shutting down due to connection failure
Jul 10 10:30:06 plbp1s nanny[25467]: shutting down due to connection failure

443 is I understood it is port used when we use ssl.

I don't understand this error!
What is getting shutting down?Smilie

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Old 07-13-2011
It means that the connection to IP addess port 443 (https) failed and is being shutdown as a result.

Why is it failing? No idea. Have you manually tested the connection?
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