finding these, whether previous data stored ?

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Operating Systems HP-UX finding these, whether previous data stored ?
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Old 06-21-2011
finding these, whether previous data stored ?

Hi All,

On HP Unix, 11.23 can following be checked ,
Processes which were consuming more

3)page faults

For particular Time Frame say Yesterday 7 Am to 7.30 Am
and , Yesterday Evening 19.00 Pm to 19.30 Pm

Please specify how.

whether we need to enable, some thing in the system, in order the system stores the above parameters for the Last one week, some thing like this

Is the above requirement is possible on HP UX

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Old 06-21-2011
SAR utility is what you are looking for.
Please check if you have

It's a simple shell script, which you edit and point where you want reports to be created. Default is /var/adm/sa i belive.
Put in cron smth similar to
0 * * * *  /usr/lbin/sa/sa1 300 12

After some time, issuing sar will generate report per specifed options for last 24 hours.

If you want previous reports you can read them with sar under /var/adm/sa/sa<num> by issuing :
sar <other options check man> -f sa<num>

This way you can check when you have peaks, and code script to monitor those times with ps / tusc / or alike.

Hope this helps.
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Old 06-21-2011
Hi Peasant,

Thanks for the Reply, we have /usr/lbin/sa/sa1 ,

Now by editing the script , can we pull the report for the date say 14.06.2011 , i e One week

back, What is the limitation, can we pull the report , For one month back also

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Old 06-21-2011
Unfortunatly not.
Put that in cron for future reports avalibility Smilie

Syslog should be your first look (e.g kernel will kill processes which hit the kernel limits, and write that in syslog )

Other then that, if you are using Nagios,HP OpenView/ SIM or alike, some data should be there.

If you want to catch 'what is wrong' you need to constantly monitor your HW and use monitoring tools like Nagios/OpenView/HPSIM, create rules and such.

Example, you use sar in cron to catch in what part of day/week/etc. the problems are occurring.
Presuming the time, write script / configure monitoring tool etc. to run some command when machine is constantly 100% or alike..

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Old 07-07-2011

Thank you Peasant for your, response
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Old 07-07-2011
Thread being moved to more suitable forum: HP-UX
There are other HP specific utilities if you have them installed (for they are not free, at the best if you dont have, you can install an evaluation (30-60 days?) copy).

Dont know if still valid, but you can try.. to execute:
/opt/perf/bin/perfstat -v

Should give you the status of performance tools if installed like OV measureware, glance etc...

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Old 07-07-2011
There are some good open source monitoring tools out there you know like NAGIOS or ZABBIX...
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