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determine number of xterm connected

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Operating Systems HP-UX determine number of xterm connected
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Old 04-06-2004
Lightbulb determine number of xterm connected

i more than one hp-ux 11.0 application server. some of these application server has an xterminal attached to them. ncd900 and ncd400. i would like to know how many xterm is connected to an application server. without physically checking each xterm, can i identify how many xterm?

thanks alot.

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APPRES(1)						      General Commands Manual							 APPRES(1)

appres - list X application resource database SYNOPSIS
appres [class [instance]] [-1] [toolkitoptions] DESCRIPTION
The appres program prints the resources seen by an application (or subhierarchy of an application) with the specified class and instance names. It can be used to determine which resources a particular program will load. For example, % appres XTerm will list the resources that any xterm program will load. If no application class is specified, the class -AppResTest- is used. To match a particular instance name, specify an instance name explicitly after the class name, or use the normal Xt toolkit option. For example, % appres XTerm myxterm or % appres XTerm -name myxterm To list resources that match a subhierarchy of an application, specify hierarchical class and instance names. The number of class and instance components must be equal, and the instance name should not be specified with a toolkit option. For example, % appres Xman.TopLevelShell.Form xman.topBox.form will list the resources of widgets of xman topBox hierarchy. To list just the resources matching a specific level in the hierarchy, use the -1 option. For example, % appres XTerm.VT100 xterm.vt100 -1 will list the resources matching the xterm vt100 widget. SEE ALSO
X(7), xrdb(1), listres(1) AUTHOR
Jim Fulton, MIT X Consortium X Version 11 appres 1.0.3 APPRES(1)

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