where can i modify default gateway

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Operating Systems HP-UX where can i modify default gateway
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where can i modify default gateway

where in configuration files can i modify default gateway in hp-ux11iv3
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Use the

#set parms_initial

command to change default gateway ip .. It presents you with a network configuraton screen in CLI mode . Make changes as per ur req
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please take care of what you type
I think you meant
#set_parms initial

set_parms options

This allows the user to sequentially invoke all the sub-areas mentioned below. The user can configure multiple interfaces which are physically connected to the network using the Terminal User Interface (TUI). A # in the user interface field indicates a lan which is not physically connected to the network. If lan interfaces are configured as DHCP, the options ip_address and addl_netwrk are skipped.


Set the route mask (which defines the network and local subnet portions of a network address), set the routing gateway, and define access to the Domain Name System (DNS) and Network Information Service (NIS).
First-boot: These changes take effect immediately, without a reboot, because

starts networking after setting the parameters.
Non-first-boot: A reboot is required for all of these changes to take effect.

which in turns affects

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Sorry mateSmilie
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Originally Posted by h@foorsa.biz
where in configuration files can i modify default gateway in hp-ux11iv3

The best and esiest way is to use SAM and then go to NETWORKING!
you can also use set_parms command

I hope this will help you!

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Always save these two files and "diff" afterwards because SAM can remove fully qualified host name which affects "sendmail" and the "diff" will make sure that you only changed what you wanted to change.


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