how to start the x window system

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Operating Systems HP-UX how to start the x window system
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Old 12-14-2003
how to start the x window system

hi, am new to hp-ux, i just bought an hp-ux with the hp-ux 11.0 os, is very old, and i wnat to start the x window system but it send an error that said that couldn't open the x server, i try startx, xinit, and nothing, and also where i can find tutorials for hp-ux os for beginners
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Old 12-14-2003
is x installed on your system? you probably dont have x installed on your system.

what errors are you gettting when you try to start x?
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Old 12-14-2003
try issuing the following

export DISPLAY="ip_address_of client_machine"

the try to display your x-window.
if the adove does not work post back with any error messages.
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Old 12-14-2003
Since you're getting an error message "can't open x server", you almost certainly have x installed.

I kinda agree with Hassan2. But let's say that your ip address is Then you would need:
export DISPLAY=""
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Old 12-14-2003
yeah i overlooked that, i only saw
"i try startx, xinit, and nothing"
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Old 12-16-2003

in hpux 11.00 you can use x with CDE or VUE application.
in first verify if the software is installed
swlist -l product
in second time verify the run-level
who -r
in third verify the start of the X server
more /etc/rc.log
ls -l /sbin/rc3.d (by default)
in last verify the name service
nslookup <nameserver>
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Old 12-17-2003
The GUI is working...

I fixed the problem, it was the mouse that it wasn't working and i changed and now the GUI is working, and there is a website where i can know more about hp-ux 11.0. Thanks guys for the help.
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