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no log in prompt

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Operating Systems HP-UX no log in prompt
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Old 10-29-2009
no log in prompt

hi all,
i m using HP-UX, im ajust a beginner n i dont knw much abt unix
now the problem m facing is tht few days back i got an error
ERROR “ The service smb is not running”.
ERROR “ The service smbfs is not running”.
ERROR “ The service nmb is not running”.
Failed fews3 – configuration
Warning:- Disk / tmp is 100% full.
Warning:- fews3 – Disks - Basic

here "fews3" is my systems name
when i restarted and tried to log in as ROOT, the system got stuck and it kept on repeating.
the next day, i started the system again but this tym i did not get the login prompt and a black screen with alot of text on it appeared just like we have a command prompt in DOS, on this screen it asks for username after that it asks for the password, but after entering the password it dsnt go any further and the cursor keeps on blincking
plz help me if smbdy has got my point
waiting for ur reply

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Old 10-29-2009
Please read the RULES you accepted when you registered: Plain english please!
That said,
You seem to have no other choice but to reboot in single user and see what isnt going right, and empty /tmp and check that /var isnt full is a good start...

Cant say more not knowing what model or OS version...
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Old 10-29-2009
Further to "vbe".
The "ERROR" messages are from Samba and are not your main problem unless someone has messed with the root account. The filesystem(s) full is the main issue and must be dealt with in single user mode.

Are you logging in on the real system console?

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