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duplicating ignite tapes

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Operating Systems HP-UX duplicating ignite tapes
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Old 05-27-2009
duplicating ignite tapes

I have a B180L controller running HP-UX 10.2 with an internal DDS2 tape drive and an external Surestore DDS (24gb) tape drive. I want to make duplicate copies of ignite tapes from one tape drive to another. What is the best way to do this?
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Old 05-27-2009
I used to do those things, not for ignite but backup tapes (reels) on a 9000/855...(HP-UX 8...)
I remembered using dd, so Id go for dd:
dd if=<dev DDS-1> of=<dev DDS-2> bs=10k-64k ?

Wait I found (perhaps...) better:
Original KMine RCEN KNC032098003
Ignite-UX: Duplicating a DAT tape made with the make_recovery command

Problem Description

How can I duplicate a DAT tape made with the make_recovery

Configuration Info

Operating System - HP-UX
Version - 10.20
Hardware System - HP9000
Series - S777
C1533A tape drive
60M tape


The attached script duplicates a DAT tape made with the make_recovery
command. It has been successfully tested once.

This script is not part of the Ignite-UX product, nor is it
supported or guaranteed by HP.

###################### DISCLAIMER #################################
# This software is provided as is with no guarantee or warranty
# expressed or implied as to its appropriateness or effectiveness.
# Tested configuration:
#   Machine    9000/777
#   HP-UX      10.20
#   Ignite     v1.38
#   Tape drive C1533A
#   Tape       60M
# Bootable tape created with:
#    make_recovery -d /dev/rmt/c1t0d0DDS1n
# Tape duplication steps:
#  put recovery tape in drive
#   dup_tape -u /dev/rmt/c1t0d0DDS1n -d /extra
#  put blank tape in drive
#   dup_tape -p /dev/rmt/c1t0d0DDS1n -d /extra
# This command takes the two sections off of a boot install tape
# and puts them in regular files. Then the command can be used to
# put them back to another tape.
# The boot area requires 32MB and the system archive depends on the
# amount of inclusion done for make_recovery (typical minimum is
# 300MB). So, to duplicate a tape you will need approximately 350MB
# of free disk space.

typeset -i upack=0 pack=0
typeset tdir tdev bootimage sysimage opt

usage (){
      print "usage: $1 [u|p] no_rewind_tape_device [d] tmp_dir"
      print "unpack example: $1 -u /dev/rmt/1mn -d /extra_space"
      exit 1

# check for enough command line arguments
(( $# < 4 )) && usage ${0##*/}

while getopts :u:p:d: opt
  case $opt in
     d) # temp dir
     u) #unpack
     p) #repack
      usage ${0##*/}

if [[ $tdev = "" || $tdir = "" ]];then
  usage ${0##*/}

if [[ ! -c $tdev ]]; then
  print "$tdev not found or not a character device."
  exit 1

if [[ ! -d $tdir ]]; then
  print "$tdir not found or not a directory."
  exit 1


if (( upack )) ;then
      mt -t ${tdev} rew

      print "Extracting the boot area."
      dd if=${tdev} bs=2k of=${bootimage}
      print "Boot file contents."
      lifls -l ${bootimage}

      print "Extracting the system archive."
      dd if=${tdev} bs=10k of=${sysimage}

      file ${bootimage} ${sysimage}
if (( pack )) ;then
      mt -t ${tdev} rew

      print "Putting the boot area on tape."
      dd if=${bootimage} of=${tdev} bs=2k

      print "Putting the system archive on tape."
      dd if=${sysimage} of=${tdev} bs=10k

      mt -t ${tdev} offline
exit 0

ITRC source:

All the best

Last edited by vbe; 05-27-2009 at 02:17 PM.. Reason: added source (refs from HP...)

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