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HP UX start process at boot time

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Operating Systems HP-UX HP UX start process at boot time
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HP UX start process at boot time

When I get start program at boot
I read which run level
/sbin/rcx.d runlevel=0.....x

only read directory which directory name has UpperCase 'S'
is not enough
someone says that I need to reference another file
which file I need to reference

1)/etc/rc.config.d/all file which parameter set equals 1
3)other files
can anyone tell me
which file that i need to reference

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The question is not clear but if want to start something at boot time you write a script in /sbin/init.d (copy one of the other scripts as a template and then then install a symbolic link into the appropriate /sbin/rc?.d directory, e.g.:
New scripts is: /sbin/init.d/newscript.
# cd /sbin/rc3.d
# ln -s /sbin/init.d/newscript S99newscript

The S before the 99 means this is a start script (K would be a stop or kill script).
The number determines when the script is run in relation to the other scripts in /sbin/rc3.d.

If /sbin/init.d/newscript is using a variable to determine whether it runs,say NEWSCRIPT, e.g.:
# newscript startup
. /etc/rc/config

if [ $NEWSCRIPT = 1 ]
   then do_stuff

Then that variable is set in a file in /etc/rc.config.d, e.g.
Containing the line:

N.B. runlevel=0 is now eher one would normally start anything..

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The process is explained in:
man init
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Originally Posted by methyl
The process is explained in:
man init
More accurately than I did I'm sure!
# 5  
More confusingly more like!
After re-reading the original post, "man rc" would be more useful.
There is a whole manual tree under "man hpux" to read while you wait for one of these boxes to boot.

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