Command to find if a server is a VIP or normal server

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Old 07-11-2018
Command to find if a server is a VIP or normal server

I have a list of servers which has both VIP and normal server. Is there a command to identify which server is a VIP and which is a normal server?

Please help.
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Old 07-11-2018
Presumably the servers in question would have a static permanent/management IP address that always directs you to the server you want and the VIP that moves depending where the service is running.

Would the output from ip a s not give you multiple IP address that you can count up and confirm if you indeed have a VIP address? Remember that might also show up in your listing.

Do you have multiple cards to contend with?

Please paste the output from an active node (has the VIP) and a passive node for ip a s and we can work out a way to determine which is which programmatically.

Kind regards,

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