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Read a json file passed as cmd line argument

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# 1  
Read a json file passed as cmd line argument

usage: config.json



    #HOW TO SOURCE THE config.json file? 
    I would like to use the variables in config.josn file to prepare a query and execute in Linux Shell as show below. 

    usr_nm="--username $USR_NM"
    pwd="--password $PWD"

    query= "--connect $host $usr_nm $pwd"
    eval $query

I am new to shell scripting. Please help me on this.

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# 2  
see if that helps:
awk -F '("|:)' 'NF>1 {print $2,$5}' config.json

# 3  
I'm afraid there quite some open questions, like
- which combinations from that config file entries do you need,all permutations from the 10 - 15 entries?
- which section of the file should be used, or is there just one?
- how are you going to use the results, source them in
- are you sure the host part and the DB part will be joined by a / ?

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