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How to get the created file to be outputed?

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How to get the created file to be outputed?

Hi ,
I am trying to get the log of Datastage job and email it to the user with the log as an attachment and body in the email.every time i run the script one email is sent to the specified user id as expected.and meanwhile an .txt file is created in the path where sript is placed with the same content as it is in email attachment.As file created in a path is in much readable format than the log attachment which is difficult to understand by the user,i want to replace the attachment with the created file or format the attachment in more readable form.

how do i do dis?
please help me with your valuable comments

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We recognize that for some users, how to clearly write problems and requirements may be difficult. What you wrote is rather confusing as it appears to be one long sentence.

Perhaps you can re-write and clarify?

I have a log file called mylog.txt
Need to email to user joe@_._ with the log file attached
The subject of the email should be "please read this"
And the text of the message should be "_ _ _ "

And so on...
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Also this might not be the right sub forum to post the question.

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