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events send mail to admin -

Hi everybody !!

I want to do something and I can't figure out. The idea is that a script should send an email when a backup is done.
It works with a unix account (like root) but what I really want is to send that email to other account like

I have a mail server installed in other computer, all these boxes are running solaris 9.

I believe that I should tell the box that is running the backup script to send the email using other mail server, but I don't know how to do it.

Also, as a test, I tried: mail -t, and it doesn´t work. (of course the email acount exist...)

So if someone can help me, I'll send a pack of six beers...

Thanx a lot.
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it really depends on how your doing the backup in the first place.

for me. i run my backups via cron and i have the output goto the cronusers email. you can always pipe the output to the mail command and then you can specify which user.

some backup software allows you to configure users to be notified when an event happens. so i would check your software docs and see what you can come up with, or talk with the people that manage the backups and set it up in the first place they would prolly have the most valuable information for you.
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No, it is just a normal script like:

# !/bin/bash

cd /tmp
cp /tmp /home/mystuff

# and when the copy is done I want to be informed by mail
# but not to my unix account like root, I want the mail to, for # example,



Thanks for your help
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You can create a shell script and test to see if it executes without error. If it executes without error, then you can email a success message; if with error, you can email an error message.

Take a look at error codes, for example:

ps aux | grep grep | grep -v grep ; echo $?

Then try:

ps aux | grep grep; echo $?

Are the results the same? Why not?
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Thanks, but my problems is not with the script, what I really don't know how to do is sending the mail from a command.

mail -t sends a mail only to unix account and I want to send the mail to an "outside" mail account like

Thanks again.
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Try this:

echo "Hello World!" | elm -s "Hello World Message"
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I think mailx is the standard front-end for sendmail and elm is HP-UX only(?)

echo "Hello World!" | mailx -s "Hello World Message"

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