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events send mail to admin -

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Ok, now it works. Because the os is Solaris I use the mailx, as you mention. At first it doesn´t work, the I wento to my /etc/mail/ and I added "DSmymailserver."

With this line worked, the mail is forwarder to my mail server.

Thanks for your help, it was great.

See ya.
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I guess Solaris is not one of those "myriad" systems. Smilie
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I think you can compile elm with GCC and GCC can be built on Solaris.

My thoughts are that everyone would install GCC on Solaris, HP-UX or any more commercial system as one of their first admin tasks Smilie

Here is a link where someone was using GCC to build elm on a Sun in 1994 Smilie

Time flies......

Here is a 1998 link that shows elm as freeware for Solaris 2.5:

And Solaris 7:

Including this critical link:
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Rightly or wrongly, a lot of people are intimidated by the effort of downloading source code and building a package. That's why precompiled freeware is important. Sun distributes elm... see this link.

A HP engineer wrote elm for fun and HP accepted it as part of HP-UX. But elm was released as freeware and has been enhanced. So even though elm comes standard with HP-UX, it is an older version. The standard HP-UX elm is a nice program, but you might want to consider a newer version. One newer elm precomplied for HP-UX is available here.

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