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Help needed - Script

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Originally Posted by RudiC
If you forgo the required error message, this could work for you:
echo "$1's home directory is $(grep $1 /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f6)"

To produce the error checking and message, a serious detour must be taken, and we need to know what your OS and shell versions are.
This can produce multiple answers if $1=ann and both ann and anna are users in /etc/passwd
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@jgt: absolutely, thanks. Try grepping for "^$1:"
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With bash,zsh,ksh the ~$var expansion works in eval.
eval home=~$1
echo "$1's home directory is $home"

  • eval is evil. Make it as short and simple as possible!
  • in csh it works without eval. The whole csh is evil!

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