Sum of even numbers from 0 to 100 script

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Hi Nastybutler...

Take a look at my pseudocode, post #5 again.
Your code; there are numerous minor errors and to go through them all before you have solved your project would mean I would be writing it.
Let's get your logic sorted first. You will see from my CODE section how different you logic is from mine.

These lines are fine:
(Just a note, there is no need for the double brackets [[ ]] for this example, single brackets [ ] would suffice. It will still work with double brackets however.)


while [[ $counter -le 100 ]]
        Important line. "do your arithmetic here which uses both SUM and COUNT"
        Unimportant OPTIONAL print. This can be omitted.
        Important line. "increase your COUNTer by your NEEDED amount"
IMPORTANT "print your final value here and should equal the last line of you optional listing"

Again read Don's post #4 thoroughly...

Have another go, and if you increase your "counter" by a certain even number then you will see it all fall into place.
And finally, please use CODE tags, the "</>" icon on the tool bar.
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Hi wisecracker,
Please don't impose your method of performing this task on Nastybutler. Let Nastybutler choose whatever increment he wants. Either of the obvious choices can yield perfectly fine results for this task and as soon as the syntax error is resolved, the logic errors are likely to reveal themselves very quickly. Infinite loops tend to become obvious quickly when there is an echo inside that loop.

As RudiC said in Nastybutler's other thread, if the goal here was to write efficient code, there would be no requirement for a while loop. It appears that the goal of this assignment is to learn how to correctly write a while loop. Whether or not that while loop contains an if statement isn't the point.

With the error that Nastybutler is currently seeing, there are three likely things that could be causing the problem:
  1. A syntax error in the if statement.
  2. A syntax error in the statement before the fi keyword that wasn't fully diagnosed until the fi was seen.
  3. Or, something like a carriage-return in a DOS line terminating <carriage-return><newline> character pair when a single-character <newline> UNIX line terminator was expected on one of the two lines before the fi.
Like you, I'm guessing that the problem is point #2 above, especially since the shell I use complains about an unexpected "(" two lines before the spot that the shell Nastybutler is using complains about something "near the unexpected token `fi'". But, if adding the missing character to line 12 doesn't solve the problem, #3 above becomes a real possibility.
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