Help needed for a script

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Help needed for a script

TAG flow Between SDR and DELTA
  1. SDR is the Source table.
  2. Delta is the target table having one staging table and one Main table.
  3. Tags flows between SDR and Delta through ER gateway.
  5. From ER the Tags flows to Delta staging table (dellcnt.ISP_CUST_PROD_MFG_STG_TBL) and Then from Staging to main table(s_asset).
Issues: -
  1. Tags may not move in between ER to Delta staging table
  2. Delta staging table to Delta main table.
At that time, we need to know exactly where the Tag is present. So, we can treat the Tags as external parameter for the script to take input and find out where the Tag is present.

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Hi patitapaban,

Please provide the following:
  • sample data of the various tables
  • sample data of the desired output
  • information about the platform(os, version, desired scripting language)
  • information about your tries to solve the problem so far and the questions/problems you have
  • please use [code]...[/code] tags for all data
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