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Old Unix and Linux 04-15-2018   -   Original Discussion by UniverseCloud
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OMG! i should have known.. thank you!
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Old Unix and Linux 04-16-2018   -   Original Discussion by UniverseCloud
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Any idea on how to proceed with the (more elegant?) case method?
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Old Unix and Linux 04-16-2018   -   Original Discussion by UniverseCloud
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The problem in the case options you have defined is probably that it will be matching a regular (textual) expression, not a numeric range. Consider the characters that your variable is range than the value.

Does that help? A good case statement can make a wonderful replacement to if...then...elif...elif...elif...fi or lots of separate and confusing if statements. Just as good programming technique, your should follow this though and I would expect you would to get a better mark if you can crack it.

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