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Debugging Help Needed

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Debugging Help needed
I am VERY much a neophyte with shell scripting. I am working on the following, "Create a script sends an email message to the user specified on the command line if any of the file systems at more than 60% of capacity. The script should not process special file systems as /proc on the...... UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers
UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers
c++ debugging
hey i have a problem with a switch case in program and the debugger is messy has hell ( we use normal VI and gdb in our schoool to make it more diffiacult) any way i have a problom where for some unknown reason the debugger just skips a switch statment as if it wasent even there the rest...... Programming
when I tried to debug my application i got the following. gdb -v GNU gdb 6.6 file is in C and Xmotiff Languages (gdb) attach 25499 Attaching to process 25499 Retry #1: Retry #2: Retry #3: Retry #4: 0xfea40b68 in ?? () (gdb) where #0 0xfea40b68 in ?? ()... Solaris
debugging in bash!!! help needed
Hi all, Am using bash shell. Am newbie, trying to understand the debugin process of a shell script... I am unable to comprehend the control flow ,meaning from where exactly the execution of the script begins... I tried using bash-xv <scriptname> but since am new ,am finding it difficult to...... Shell Programming and Scripting
Shell Programming and Scripting
Regarding Debugging
Hi, If we want to debug a shell script, then set -vx has to be included in the begining of the script. Just i want to know what purpose -vx is used. Thanks in advace Sarwan... Shell Programming and Scripting
Shell Programming and Scripting
PERLCE(1)						 Perl Programmers Reference Guide						 PERLCE(1)

       Perl for WinCE

       This file gives the instructions for building Perl5.6 and above for WinCE.  Please read and understand the terms under which this software
       is distributed.

       This section describes the steps to be performed to build PerlCE.

       Tools & SDK

       For compiling, you need Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools, my celib-sources, my console-sources and a perl for win32.

       Needed source files can be downloaded via:

       Some portions of the makefile need a shell for win32, rm, cp, mv, xmkdir (mkdir with a -p option).  It also uses my cecopy program for
       copying files to the ce device.


       Miniperl is not built. A pre-existent win32 perl is used.

       The paths for tools and additional libraries have to be changed in wince/makefile.ce.

       Different ce targets can be specified with the TARGET macro.

       Before you start, you need to build celib.dll and w32console.  See instructions in these packages for building.

       In the wince directory, type "nmake -f makefile.ce". This should build perl.exe and perl.dll. For building extension dlls, type "nmake -f
       makefile.ce dlls"

       When building ext dlls, you get lots of macro redefinition errors. Just ignore them.

       For further information, look in the text files in the wince sub-directory.

       The port for Win32 was used as a reference.

       Rainer Keuchel (

perl v5.8.0							    2003-02-18								 PERLCE(1)

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