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Students must use and complete the template provided. If you do not use the template your post may be deleted! Special homework rules apply here.

How to recover a host id?

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Old 08-13-2017
How to recover a host id?

Use and complete the template provided. The entire template must be completed. If you don't, your post may be deleted!

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data:
How to change a host id in solaris 10

2. Relevant commands, code, scripts, algorithms:

3. The attempts at a solution (include all code and scripts):

4. Complete Name of School (University), City (State), Country, Name of Professor, and Course Number (Link to Course):

Note: Without school/professor/course information, you will be banned if you post here! You must complete the entire template (not just parts of it).
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Old 08-13-2017
As a student you should obey the rules and answer all the questions on the template. However, you should also obey the rules and search this forum for your answers to your issue BEFORE posting a new thread.

The answer to your question has been available on this forum for years if you only search for it. Start here and keep reading and following links. You've certainly come to the right forum; the best in the world.

Note that the answer for SPARC architecture is different from x86.
You do not require personal assistance for this. Use your keyboard!

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