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Help with shell scrip syntax errors

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Old Unix and Linux 10-15-2016   -   Original Discussion by Demas
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Originally Posted by RudiC View Post
How did you add them?

echo "$channel_remove" << "channels.txt"

won't work, no way!

 sed -E "s/$channel_remove//g"

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Old Unix and Linux 01-19-2017   -   Original Discussion by Demas
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Surely to remove a channel, you need to

grep -v "$channel_remove" channels.txt > channels.NEW
mv channels.NEW channels.txt

ps - just noticed the sed command that Demas had posted which will answer this query too.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-24-2017   -   Original Discussion by Demas
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Take note of the last line, done .
Something is missing, for example...

while true
        lots of code here
done        #Your line 48 as 49 does not technically exist.

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