Remote Access vs Local Access

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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Remote Access vs Local Access
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Old 09-23-2014
Computer Remote Access vs Local Access

Dear Friends,
This is not a problem , it's a course work (UNIX scenario)....
As part of it I am searching Remote Attacks and find points as
1. Exploiting a listening service
2. Routing through Unix system that is providing security between 2 or more networks
3. User initiated Remote execution attacks
4. Promiscuous mode attacks

and I am looking "Local Access" methods too ...

Please provide a detailed description of above points.
Waiting for your fast reply

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Old 09-23-2014
I repeat: You MUST fill out the Required Template for Homework & Coursework Questions when posting questions in the Homework and Coursework Questions Forum.

Please repost with a completed template. If you continue to refuse to fill out the required template, you will be banned from using this site!
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