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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Unix space checking script
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Old 02-03-2011
Bug Unix space checking script

Use and complete the template provided. The entire template must be completed. If you don't, your post may be deleted!

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data:
Im still pretty new to this and could really use some help with this task

"Write a script to check in the directory specified by
the first argument, if there is enough free space specified by the second
argument. Provide a comprehensive examination of the arguments."

2. Relevant commands, code, scripts, algorithms:

3. The attempts at a solution (include all code and scripts):

4. Complete Name of School (University), City (State), Country, Name of Professor, and Course Number (Link to Course):
New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, for professor Simionov course number CSCB731

Thanks to everyone and this forum

Note: Without school/professor/course information, you will be banned if you post here! You must complete the entire template (not just parts of it).
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Old 02-03-2011
what are you expecting? where are your problems?

usefull commands you might want to use: "df" and "du".

look at the mapages of the commands and see if this gets you any further.
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Old 02-03-2011
Please mention what Operating System you are running and what Shell you use:
uname -a
echo $SHELL

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Old 02-03-2011
What have you tried so far ?

The knowledge can only be get by practice
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Old 02-03-2011
Hint. This command gives the free disc space available in a filesystem containing a particular drectory. It works on most modern unix systems.
df -Pk /directory

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Old 02-04-2011
Thanks alot for your hints and help.
This is the result I came up with, but my pc died yesterday and I am now only able to access internet club pc's and cannot test the code yet, can someone please give a look and tell me if it's wrong. Thanks alot guys
if [ -d directory ]
  du -hs directoryname
  echo Directory not found

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Old 02-04-2011
You are using du (disk usage). This tells you nothing about the availability of space.

As was previously mentioned the df command will show free space.

If you don't have access to manpages, you can read them here.

man pages link
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