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Homework & Coursework Questions Students must use and complete the template provided. If you do not use the template your post may be deleted! Special homework rules apply here.

Community Spirit and Ethos on Homework & Coursework

Homework & Coursework Questions

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Old Unix and Linux 07-06-2009   -   Original Discussion by Neo
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Community Spirit and Ethos on Homework & Coursework

Helping students is in line with the "community spirit" ethos of The UNIX and Linux Forums which aims to give free help and advice in order to support the personal and professional development of others.
  • We encourage students to think carefully about what they do, and do not, understand about the problems they are having. Always keep in mind this quote,

    A problem unstated is a problem unsolved.
  • Students should reference the The UNIX and Linux Forums as one of their sources of help. Another quote - this one from Isaac Newton:

    If I have seen further then it is because I was standing on ye shoulders of giants.
    Newton is said to be acknowledging the work of previous authors; although some suppose it is a jibe at his rival Robert Hooke who, shall we say, was "vertically challenged". Nevertheless, it is such an important quote that it actually appears on the edge of a British Two Pound coin !

  • By helping students to solve their own problems all members of The UNIX and Linux Forums (all contributors) can raise their own level of understanding. The relevant aphorism in this case is as follows:

    If you really want to learn a subject, try teaching it.
  • If we get a large number of students asking for help and this may affect the community's ability to deal with the problems posted by others. We will always give priority to work-related problems and users.

  • All students must follow the rules for homework and coursework questions, posted here.

The UNIX and Linux Forums would like to thank Professor Robert Clarke, Birmingham City University (prior), for his guidance and review of our forum and rules for homework and classwork problems. Without his kind and generous assistance, the homework and classwork forum would not be possible.

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