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Encrypting interconnect

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Network Encrypting interconnect


i've got a qusetion regarding interconnect of compute nodes.
In our company we are running a Simulation Cluster which is administrated by the Simulation department. Now our central IT requires to encrypt the interconnect of the compute nodes.

Does anybody in that business encrypt the interconnect with ssh or something else?

cheers fk
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Originally Posted by fiberkill
In our company we are running a Simulation Cluster
Just for clarity: you mean the Abaqus/FEA suite?

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hi bakunin,

yes, for example. Also for LS_Dyna, ANSYS or Open Foam and so on.
But my question is more fundamental.


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What protocol is being used ? (ethernet, infiniband, FC)

But, regardless of the answer, security is being done on layers above.
Secure access you machines, encrypt your web servers, ssh, applications, firewalls etc.

So, when you ssh over infiniband, same security (or not Smilie) applies as you were in LAN.

Hope that helps

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